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Who am I ?

My name is Tevar, Im an aspiring entrepreneur and founder of several widely used web apps all which can be found on G.G x Company. My apps include Snap Aid ( which is a website that allows people to donate to charities by downloading and trying free mobile apps. Serviced By ONE which allows you to hire a reliable professional for a variety of services easily. Epic Revenue a influencer marketing network with influencers that have millions of followers on social media.

In this review of Jeffrey Scaggs (Scaggs Law Firm) services I hope I can bring to light the unethical practices of Mr Scaggs and help others from his unethical practices which can possibly lead to them being jailed or being robbed of their hard earned money. There are plenty of good lawyers out there (just google) don’t choose the guy who is going to lie you, course you into hiring him by making promises he cant keep or has no intentions of following through on. This guy will use his knowledge of the law to rob you not help you. Keep reading my review so you can understand why I say these things.

Who is Jeffrey Scaggs (Scaggs Law Firm)

A quick google search brings up his website, his avvo profile and a few cases where he was assigned as an 18-B lawyer. Whats an 18-B? An 18-B is basically a lawyer who cant find work so they offer there services to the courts where they are attorneys are compensated at a rate of $60 per hour for misdemeanor matters and $75 per hour for felony matters. I only know of Mr Scaggs because he was assigned as my 18-B in a case where I was being accused of something I was innocent of, The accuser actually came to court prior to Mr Scaggs being assigned, told them I was innocent and she would not assist the court in prosecuting me. With a court appointed Legal Aid I was offered a plea deal of pleading guilty to a violation which my Legal Aid told me to take but I declined it and was looking for a case dismissal. I asked the court for an 18-B because I didn’t like the fact that my lawyer was telling me to plead guilty in such a case, which is when Mr Scaggs was assigned. This was an easy win for Mr Scaggs, Since there was no cooperating accuser this case was a sure dismissal at trial which is what happened. The point of that story is don’t trust any wins you may see as good lawyer work. The case could’ve been dismissed just like mine because the DA has no cooperating accuser. In court you have the right to face your accuser in such case no accuser no case.

Why & How Did I Hire Jeffrey Scaggs?

I hired Jeffrey Scaggs for a case of mine for “Aggravated Unlicensed Operator 2nd Degree” . It was case I was railroaded into pleading guilty in by my court appointed legal aid. I later found out that I would’ve gotten a better plea if I waited another adjournment or cleared my drivers license issues. Since I known of Jeffrey Scaggs from another case of mine which he was appointed by the court as an 18-B to. I contacted him about withdrawing my plea of guilty I took. We spoke over the phone briefly and he said he can possibly do that. I ask are you sure you can withdraw my plea he said its illegal for him to make such guarantees. can First thing I want to say is that a lawyer for these type of cases cost no more than $1500 which I didn’t know at the time. When I bailed out and met with him to discuss the case and pay him now he’s telling me to instead of having him try to withdraw my plea he can help me get back my deal of probation. He said judges rarely approves them and its a lot of paperwork. So you just let me deny my deal and pay $1500 bail to get out now your telling me not to try to withdraw my plea anymore. REALLY? After I declined that he then said he can renegotiate my deal and have another case with the same AUO 2nd degree charge covered. Since he said the other case will be covered Im looking at it like Im paying to take care of 2 cases. 

Fast forward to the court date of the other case he said would be covered where the judge and the DA said its not covered. Fast forward to my probation interview he said he would prepare for him yet I couldn’t reach him and he didn’t contact me. This man has lied to me multiple times, talked me into paying him to take a case to do nothing. A case where multiple lawyers already told me just to keep my deal because its a good deal and if they took my case they would just be taking my money. This man didn’t have the decency to do that instead he talked me into getting locked up then when I get locked up because what he told me to do and bail out now he doesn’t want to withdraw the deal. 

I asked him for a refunded because out of the money I paid him he only made 1 court appearance. I paid him $2400 and he made 1 court appearance he sent me a retainer and I never agreed to it so i never signed it. What are my options to report this lawyer and get my money back.